What I am about to share is no joke. This is real life and this is life changing! Get comfortable and prepare to have the secret to your happiness and freedom unleashed.

I wish I could remember what episode of Oprah it was, but some time back in the mid to late 90’s I had an “ah-ha” moment! Thank you Oprah!


If you want to, at all times, be just 10 minutes away from a clean and company worthy home, do the following;

    1. Never Leave a Room Empty Handed – When you walk out of your living room, make a stop in the kitchen and put that glass in the dishwasher. This concept works for every room in the house!
    2. Assign a Home for Everything – Everything you own must have its own assigned place. Yes, everything!! If it doesn’t currently have a home, find it one. Then, be sure to always put it back there.
    3. Make that ‘Home’ Make Sense – There is no logical sense in putting your moisturizer in the downstairs bathroom if you shower and go to bed upstairs. Put things in a location that naturally makes sense to be both used AND put away.
    4. End Your Day Right – Once the kids are in bed take approx. 15 minutes to sweep the floor, fold laundry, wash dishes….whatever it is that needs to be done.
    5. A Little Goes a Long Way – Each week choose a day to do one of the big things such as wash the floor!

That simple. Believe me. I live by this.

Because of these ‘life rules’, I know that at any given time I could literally wipe down my counters and give the bathrooms a ‘once-over’ and my house is in great shape!

As a busy wife, Mom of 3 little kids (+ a dog), and business owner, life is JAM PACKED. If I didn’t do these tiny little things I just don’t think I could make it all work. It is important to me (and I understand it is not important to everyone, but I feel like if you’re reading this, it is probably important to you too!) that my life at least feel like it is something I am in control of. I NEED the space around me to be tidy and organized and these habits do exactly that!

Feel free to send me thank you cards and thank you chocolates. (#kiddingnotkidding)