I was 20 years old! I had worked only 2 summers with a Firm in Kitchener and done a year in College when I decided I wanted to be a Law Clerk and immerse myself in this crazy industry foreverrrrr.

A busy Lawyer in Guelph took a chance on me and so began a love for real estate I would never get over. I will never forget handing over keys for the first time! I felt like I was making a difference, bringing comfort to an otherwise stressful situation and the best part….I was getting to share this entire process with perfect strangers that didn’t even know just how invested in THEIR happiness I had become.

By the time a client gets to the Lawyer, they are finished the search, the number crunching, saving, staging, waiting, negotiating, praying, dreaming, etc.

When the ‘file’ hits the Law Clerk’s desk the clients have already been through so much and just want to get into their new home or collect their proceeds and start their new chapter. They just want the deal done!! Unfortunately there is a LOT of stress that comes with this end of the transaction. There is so much to tie together such as; document registration, title searches, insurance policies, funds, outstanding lender requirements and so much more than anyone would ever enjoy reading about in a blog…not to mention SURPRISES! Ooooo the surprises I got to uncover in my day. (face palm)

It is an understatement to tell you I was ‘all in’ with my clients. I was devoted to giving them the smoothest, friendliest, reliable and most superior service they could dream of. Not only did I want them to love their Lawyer, I wanted them to love their process. No matter the pain or gain, I wanted everyone to reflect on their process knowing they were well taken care of and they were not alone!

The very first time I handed over keys to my ‘first time home buyers’ (FTHB’s), the thrill that overcame me was an instant addiction! I remember BEAMING for the rest of the day and I remember so eagerly pushing their lender to get me their mortgage funds so I could get the transaction part out of the way and make that exciting call “hey guys, this is Robyn calling, the home is yours and you can come into the office to get your keys”.


What an absolute honor it was!! That feeling never did get ‘old’ for me.

There’s something about people buying a home for the first time (who, up until a few months prior, may have only dreamed about being home owners) with their moving vans loaded, helping friends waiting (likely with beer and pizza on their minds) and futures full of plans, that just THRILLS me.

16 years later (WOW that seems like a big number for someone as youthful as myself hee, hee) I get to actually walk through the whole process with FTHB’s. Only this time, I get to open that door and watch your face light up. It’s true, as Agents, we really do “know” when you “know” and it is THE. BEST.!!

If you’re a FTHB, CONGRATULATIONS and go ahead, call me, email me, tell me everything, because I am right here beside you doing what I love most which is holding your hand through one of life’s greatest achievements!!

PS – Ask me about the new FTHB incentive being introduced Fall 2019 by CMHC