Don’t you feel like you are barely hanging on at this point in the year? I am soooo TIRED of packing lunches! My kids barely eat anything as it is and for some reason they will not eat at school, what they eat at home. SEND HELP!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all had personal lunch packing chefs? Someone we could rely on to make well balanced, fun looking and nicely organized lunches. Please Lord, send us all this person! Did you know in some countries schools have these amazing cafeterias where all students eat healthy, well balanced meals for FREE!

My daughter likes what we have dubbed “roll ups” which is simply turkey and cheese pinwheels. The trouble is, she is finishing up Grade 1 and since JK she has always requested this for lunch. My son…well, he was my best eater, that is until he started JK and decided he doesn’t like anything anymore and doesn’t “have time” to eat. I mean, we all know that isn’t true! His personal favorite is DIY pizzas. He started asking for Lunchables, which, no disrespect, I am just not too keen on. So, instead I purchased a container that holds mini naan rounds in the bottom with a sectional tray that fits on top where I put shredded cheese and pepperoni. It even has a teeny tiny dressing container that I put some pizza sauce in. The knife & fork clip in the bottom and away he goes with his own Lunchable lol

Incase you are looking for ideas, some other favorites are meatballs in their Thermos, sausage & waffles, pepperette kabobs, mac & cheese “muffins” and spaghetti is always a WIN! (can’t blame them there) Other than that, the rotation includes your regular old tuna and egg salad wraps. My kids will not eat salad…not pasta and not green. I would love love LOVE to know what some winners are in your household.

Every Thursday night I pull out my little notebook and plan dinners for the week as well as the kids lunches. I try my best to give them variety and to not repeat the same lunch within a few weeks. Their snacks though….what a nightmare! They don’t. eat. anything.!! I have a system where they get some form of cheese and a granola bar in addition to their “main course” then I have a container with 2 sections, snack 1 is always a healthy snack and I give them a treat for snack 2. Guess which part of that container comes home full almost every single day? Yep! I know you guessed right and I want to believe you guessed right because it is this awful for you and your kids too. Right?!

Anyway….Mom’s…we are almost there! Before we know it, we can unpack those lunch bags and forget they ever existed. Well, for about 8 weeks anyway! Hang in there Mama’s because you are NOT alone!