I can’t explain the denial I am in as I write this 💔 Here we are, needing to prepare for the winter 🌨 While we unpack and purchase winter clothes for the kids, we have to remember a few tips to prepare our homes for the winter too!
Here are a few items to add to your to-do list because simply covering your patio furniture wont cut it;
❄️ if you haven’t already, shut off the water valve to your outdoor spigot and from the outside, open it up to drain the line (if you have a sprinkler system and haven’t already, blow out those lines)
❄️ now is a great time to remember to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure the batteries are working and that you have enough of them throughout your home
❄️ change filters on your furnace, or better yet, now is a great time to contact an HVAC contractor for an inpsection and/or maintenance (your furnace will love you for it and reward you with a longer life)
❄️ get caulking – fill those gaps around windows and doors to not only protect and wood trim itself but to prevent cold air getting into your home
❄️ clean out your gutters – now that the leaves have pretty much finished falling it is time to clear those gutters and while you’re at it make sure your downspout is draining away from your home
❄️ speaking of drainage, it is not a bad idea to fill any holes or low spots along your foundation with soil (saturated soil around your foundation can eventually lead to big problems once everything thaws)
❄️ the critters get cold too so prevent your home from being their warmth by cutting back any trees that lead them straight to your attic
Happy Winterizing, Canada! Feel free to add to this list if you have any tips and tricks to prepare and prevent 😊